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We are one of the leading producer for seamless sportswear,and socks in Turkey. Our Main market is EU (especially Germany, Holland, Denmark) and UK.
Our capacity is monthly 110.000 pcs leggings, we have in our facility 36 machines, and 30 machines out which are in our control so we can produce double. We can produce sizes from XXS to XXXL. Our facilty is closed 4000 squaremeters. Here below some of brands which we worked directly, and by agents by file,

In our company; (seamless)
Our staff of 33 people are in the manufacturing part,
Our staff of 7 people are in our quality control band,
With our 5 management personel
We provide service with a total of 45 personel who are experts in their fields.
The products we manufacture 92% of it is export, 8% belongs to domestic market customers.

We work for an eco-friendly and sustainable production. Our production is in compliance with every sort of certification of ethical and technical competence.